Ward’s Pressure Washing

Mike and Sharon Ward, Owners of Ward’s Pressure Washing, are familiar faces in Jefferson County. Mike is originally from Mt. Vernon, and Sharon from Woodlawn. They have been married for 21 years, and now have the privilege of working together to supply the community with pressure washing services, sales, maintenance, and chemical supply.

Mike started his journey into the world of pressure washing in 1999 by working with Richard Dement washing buildings and homes around the Jefferson County area. They worked together until 2005, when Mike bought the business from him to create Ward’s Pressure Washing. Mike credits Richard for teaching him the complicated world of professional washing services. There is much nuance with correct pressures, not damaging surfaces, using correct chemicals, and learning to wash hundreds of surfaces. Mike has been making happy customers and professionally clean surfaces ever since!

“Most would be surprised to find the variety of surfaces we wash,” says Mike. “We wash parking lots, gas stations, dumpsters, sidewalks, houses, businesses, roofing, brick, pools, you name it. Mold and mildew can grow on any surface, let alone the dirt, grime, grease, etc we find on a daily basis.”

Ward’s also cleans commercial restaurant kitchen exhaust hood systems. “We can degrease equipment, mainly stainless steel appliances and surfaces. We work many weekends or late nights to keep restaurants and facilities looking their best and prevent grease build-up that might pose a fire safety hazard.”

Ward’s uses environmentally friendly cleaners and detergents to remove surfactants easily with light pressure. These solutions are safe for your vegetation or landscaping and leave a clean and bright surface with no residue. Many people have had negative experiences with inexperienced pressure washers that burr or damage surfaces or cut into vinyl with high pressure. Ward’s uses a combination of hot water, solutions, and chemicals to loosen dirt or debris before gently washing the surface, being especially careful around windows, doors, or other openings.

When asked what sets his business apart from other washing services available, Mike explained, “We use only professional equipment and tools to do the job correctly. When you hire a professional, you are not only hiring their physical labor, but also their experience and knowledge. We’ve washed thousands of homes and businesses and know what we are doing.”

“The next most important thing is we are fully insured, bonded, and provide workman’s compensation for all of our employees. This protects the homeowner or business, our company, and our workers. I can’t imagine hiring a pressure washer with no insurance in this day and age.”

“We also offer Senior and Veteran discounts, I think we are the only ones doing that,” says Mike. “We want to honor our older population and those that served our country in the military.”

He also listed the fact that they have a definite address and physical location in Mt Vernon that legitimizes their business. “We don’t have a faceless PO Box, or mysterious business card as the only means of communications” says Sharon, “the fact that our customers know we are a part of this community and will be around for many years to come gives our customers a peace of mind when doing business with us.” They are also a part of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, believing in connecting with other business leaders and being a part of the core of the community they serve.

If there was any doubt about the Ward’s commitment to the business of pressure washing, enter Exhibit A: they now boast a fleet of 4 commercial pressure washing rigs and trucks to better service the southern Illinois market they serve. Mike has invested countless hours hiring and training crew members to assist him in keeping up with the volume. “We run rigs all week long in all different directions” says Mike. “We can wash several projects a day, which helps us get to your project faster,” says Mike. Customers that have waited long times to get their project washed should be pleased to hear there are options when choosing a pressure washing service.

If that wasn’t enough, in April of 2022 the husband/wife team decided to open their own store. Located at 9322 IL Hwy 15 in Mt. Vernon, they proudly sell commercial and residential pressure washers, heaters, chemicals, and parts. Their office hours are 8-5 Monday – Friday and 8-12 on Saturday.

In addition to selling the equipment, they also have a service department to work on pressure washing equipment.

“We sell commercial and industrial pressure washing equipment to local businesses and industries, but also sell smaller pumps to the average homeowner who wants to wash things around the house or farm,” says Sharon. “We also sell a variety of chemicals, detergents, and soaps or degreasers for all kinds of cleaning purposes. We even sell all the tools and accessories such as wands, tips, surface cleaners, and high pressure hoses.”

Customers may not know that they sell Liquid Chlorine for swimming pools in small or large quantities.      

Another interesting item they sell at their shop is portable heaters. Ranging from electric, propane, or kerosene fueled, Ward’s has everything from large industrial heaters down to small heaters for the homeowner.

While building a successful company, the Ward’s found time to raise two girls, who are now both married to Marines currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. Within the last year they welcomed their first grandchild and look forward to spending as much time with him as they can, given the distance.

The Ward’s enjoy camping, ATV’ing, fishing, hunting, and any outdoor activity they can find. “It’s a great escape from the business of running a company, ” says Sharon, “we love to get away and enjoy the great outdoors.”

If you are looking for pressure washing services, need to purchase chemicals, or have questions about their business, you can call Ward’s Pressure Washing at 618-214-0506. If you see the Ward’s out and about, thank them for being a valuable part of our community and to keep up the good work!

Story brought to you by: the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council